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“Trump’s New TV Show”

"Trump’s New TV Show" By Hazel Henderson        Trump, a master of dominating the daily news cycle, understands that the USA has become a "mediocracy"!  Keeping us all guessing on who he’s hiring is drowning out the real story.  Democrats and Hillary won nationally by over 2 million votes and the Electoral College doesn’t meet to decide the winner until December 19th.   The USA, despite our worldwide promotion of democracy, is not itself a democracy, but a republic of states. The electoral college was designed to prevent rule by a nationwide popular majority. It was a compromise to empower small states, many slave-owning at that time, to create the Union.  Since then, this Electoral College system has denied most US voters the president they chose on [...]

Greening Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Greening Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Blog Entry by Justmeans in Finance and SRI Friday, November 18, 2016 - 10:00am Guest blog by Hazel Henderson Surprising most pundits, Trump seems to be a Keynesian.  The growing consensus in the US and most countries sees a better chance to shift to fiscal policies, stimulating their economies with needed infrastructure spending.  The fragility of the global economy and legacy financial systems can no longer rely on central banks and fiat currencies to restore their flagging GDP-growth recipes. Growing ranks of green, low-carbon investors, pension funds can now step in and shape infrastructure spending to foster healthier forms of growth beyond GDP.  These are in the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which recognize current realities [...]

Private Investments In Green Tech Useful Metric In Tracking Progress For Inclusive Growth

Private Investments In Green Tech Useful Metric In Tracking Progress For Inclusive Growth ABSTRACT The Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) highlights the fact that private investments are necessary to complement government funds for transitioning to low-carbon economies as pledged by 195 countries and their INDCs at COP21 and the UN’s SDGs in 2015. The first Green Transition Scoreboard was released during the Copenhagen Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, with a total of US $1.2 trillion. The green transition is well underway, as documented by the myriad of trend points documented in this paper. Our figures are updated twice a year and the GTS model proposes that if the annual increase tracked so far of at least US$1 trillion in these private investments, that these funds will [...]

Review Of Phishing For Phools By Akerlof And Shiller And Of The End Of Banking By McMillan

Review Of Phishing For Phools By Akerlof And Shiller And Of The End Of Banking By McMillan

Hazel Henderson Summary Hazel Henderson reviews Phishing for Phools and its relevancy to economics. Hazel Henderson reviews End of Banking and its relevancy to economics. Addresses insights and shortcomings of each book as compared to each other. Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation & Deception by George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller, Princeton University Press, 2015 The End of Banking: Money Credit and the Digital Revolution by Jonathan McMillan, Zero/One Economics GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland, 2014 In Phishing for Phools, George Akerlof and Robert Shiller, two more eminent economists join the de-frocking of conventional economics, led by the late John Kenneth Galbraith and more recently by Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Romer. The authors' [...]

The Future of Sustainability: Interview with Hazel Henderson

Sustainability Agenda Podcast, September 2016 When it comes to getting a perspective on the future of sustainability, who better to speak to than renowned author, futurist and sustainability pioneer Hazel Henderson. A long-time pioneer promoting the integration of environmental and social considerations into economics and business, Hazel has been a key mover in numerous key sustainability initiatives since the mid-1970s. A multi-award winning author, she has been a board member of many important environmental and social finance organisations, including Worldwatch Institute (1975-2001), Calvert Social Investment Fund (1982-2005), the Social Investment Forum and the Social Venture Network. Hazel co-developed with Calvert the GDP alternative measure now called the Ethical Markets Quality [...]

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