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Finance Friday from Honeybee Capital for 10/21/2016

Finance Friday from Honeybee Capital for 10/21/2016

1000x. Turns out Kigali might be more memorable than Paris. Last week the “Kigali accord” was reached, which will largely eliminate use of HFC’s, chemical coolants used in refrigeration and air conditioning. Two elements stand out:  first, the agreement is legally binding, unlike the Paris accords.  Second, the impact is stunning: the greenhouse effect of HFC’s is 1000x more powerful than CO2. That means that the volume of HFC’s is tiny, but they are responsible for about 8% of all emissions-related impact. How did they do it?  In part, clever structure. This agreement is an amendment to the Montreal protocol of 1987, which got rid of ozone-harming CFC’s – so it retains the legal strength of the original treaty. This is good news for our climate, of [...]

By Ed Mayo ~ Values: How to bring values to life in your business

One in four new entrepreneurs worldwide are values-driven   By Ed Mayo, Secretary General, Co-operatives UK; author, Values: how to bring values to life in your business; member, Ethical Markets Advisory Board   Let’s get practical on ethics. There has been an extraordinary and welcome surge in interest in ethical markets over the last decade, following the persistent and visionary leadership of people such as Hazel Henderson. There has also been a lot of in-depth work on key issues, from environmental risk through to gender equality and unconscious bias. But, there has been no real practical guide on how to bring values in life within a business. How do you recruit for values? How do you build values into your supply chain, your governance?   So, drawing [...]

Mila Popovich Joins EMM Advisory Board

Mila Popovich Joins EMM Advisory Board

Dr. Mila Popovich is the founder of EvolvED Leadership – program, practice and community for transformational leadership (www.milapopovich.com). She is an independent academic and a systems scientist, an international lecturer and speaker specializing in humanities, gender studies, transdisciplinary research, sustainability, cultural diplomacy and creative sides to future making. She is the Chair of the Membership Communications Committee at the World Academy of Art and Science, where she is retained also as the Project Manager of the New Economic Theory working group. She is a Fellow of Vital Voices – Global Women’s Leadership, and an Associate Expert on ethics and gender issues at the European Commission. As a conscious business proponent and advisor, she serves on the Executive [...]

Book Review: Quest for Exceptional Leadership-Mirage to Reality by Ravi Chaudhry

Book Review: Quest for Exceptional Leadership-Mirage to Reality  by Ravi Chaudhry

We are happy to announce the release of the 2nd Edition in 2016!  We are proud that author Ravi Chaudhry is a member of our Advisory Board. Read editor-in-chief Hazel Henderson's full review from 2011 on SeekingAlpha.com. Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality by Ravi Chaudhry Indian business leader Ravi Chaudhry has written the best handbook for corporate executives in years. His call for exceptional leadership is based on the new realities of our multi-polar world beyond the trite formulas of the business and financial media. Chaudhry is precise, with hundreds of examples illustrating his strategies and recommendations. He is one of the new voices showing new ways ahead. - Hazel Henderson, founder of Ethical Markets Media, USA, futurist and economist.   [...]



By Ladislau Dowbor 30 July 2016 "Politics has changed place: globalization radically challenges the political reference frameworks, in theory and  in practice " Octavio Ianni “Capture is more subtle and no longer requires a transfer of funds, since the politician, academic or regulator has started to believe that the world works in the way that bankers say it does.” Joris Luyendijk  The overall power structure that emerged in the 21st century does not fit very well in the theoretical framework we have inherited. When we consider the world economy, we still tend to view basically economic interests and market mechanisms. Politics, formal power, the public sector in general, would represent another dimension. The breakup of these boundaries, the penetration of private [...]

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