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MIT’s Symposium On The Future Of Fintech: By Matthew McGarvey

MIT’s recent symposium on the future of Fintech introduced three concepts that could be applied to sustainability efforts. The first was Simon Johnson’s argument that Fintech’s biggest impact will be outside of the US and in lower and middle-income income countries. Dr. Johnson felt the opportunity in these markets would be “massive”. Middle-income countries, in particular, have just the right amount of infrastructure and need for financial disintermediation. Fintech’s potential to create financial stability via a decentralized system is “where the action is”. As it stands, access to credit and capital remains significant structural barriers to economic growth in developing and middle income countries. Dr. Johnson’s belief is that advances in financial technology, [...]

Steering Trump Presidency to do Good

Many of us, from all over the world, have been deeply concerned that 2016 has been a year-full of so many unthinkable events, with potentially unpredictable impact on the near-term future of global economy,  geopolitical alignments, and indeed humanity's future. Analysts have been having a field-day, deciphering why these things happened. Even I also put down my humble thoughts, in the link below: Behind and Beyond Brexit: A Wake-up Call for the Global Elite: BY RAVI CHAUDHRY ON 12/08/2016 http://thewire.in/58186/behind-and-beyond-brexit-a-wake-up-call-for-the-global-elite/ I am sharing this because I feel that most of the comments therein are equally relevant for the recent outcomes in the United States. 2016 is behind us. I feel we should now focus on the future. In the [...]

UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System

"Ethical Markets recommends close attention to these important reports.  I was honored to participate in this research  and have presented our  Green Transition Scoreboard®  research on www.brighttalk.com on: "FINTECH: Good and Bad News for Sustainable Finance, August 22, 2016 and December 14th on "Steering FINTECH toward Sustainable Development Goals and Greening the Global Economy". ~Hazel Henderson, Editor" The UNEP Inquiry has undertaken a landscape analysis of fintech and sustainability as part of our work program this year. A high level piece was included as a chapter in our second global report, “The Financial System We Need; Momentum to Transformation” (which can be downloaded at www.unepinquiry.org) released on the occasion of the IMF Annual Meetings in early [...]

Finance Friday from Honeybee Capital for 10/21/2016

Finance Friday from Honeybee Capital for 10/21/2016

1000x. Turns out Kigali might be more memorable than Paris. Last week the “Kigali accord” was reached, which will largely eliminate use of HFC’s, chemical coolants used in refrigeration and air conditioning. Two elements stand out:  first, the agreement is legally binding, unlike the Paris accords.  Second, the impact is stunning: the greenhouse effect of HFC’s is 1000x more powerful than CO2. That means that the volume of HFC’s is tiny, but they are responsible for about 8% of all emissions-related impact. How did they do it?  In part, clever structure. This agreement is an amendment to the Montreal protocol of 1987, which got rid of ozone-harming CFC’s – so it retains the legal strength of the original treaty. This is good news for our climate, of [...]

By Ed Mayo ~ Values: How to bring values to life in your business

One in four new entrepreneurs worldwide are values-driven   By Ed Mayo, Secretary General, Co-operatives UK; author, Values: how to bring values to life in your business; member, Ethical Markets Advisory Board   Let’s get practical on ethics. There has been an extraordinary and welcome surge in interest in ethical markets over the last decade, following the persistent and visionary leadership of people such as Hazel Henderson. There has also been a lot of in-depth work on key issues, from environmental risk through to gender equality and unconscious bias. But, there has been no real practical guide on how to bring values in life within a business. How do you recruit for values? How do you build values into your supply chain, your governance?   So, drawing [...]

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